Marco Sigismondi – Bio

Though he never intended to become a technician, life had other plans for Marco Sigismondi. Born in Italy’s industrial North, he grew up surrounded by factories – yet never saw himself as someone who would be responsible for keeping them running.

“I never thought about doing technical jobs, but I’m passionate about fixing things, finding solutions. I enjoy that.”

After graduating from a technical high school, Marco sent his first and only C.V to CMS, who happened to be located near his hometown. At the age of 21, he was recruited, beginning a long and prosperous career in the machinery industry.

“I started to work at CMS in 2001 in Italy. I worked there in the technical department for 7-8 years, and then I moved to the after-sales department, mainly doing installations around the world.”

Marco’s travels took him to the remote islands of New Zealand. Headhunted by a Kiwi CMS dealer, he moved to the Land Of  The Long White Cloud in 2012, spending the next 6 years caring for, maintaining, and installing machines for the Wood and Advanced Materials & Plastics industries. 

Another headhunt arrived in 2018, this time from Australia. Taking up the offer, Marco and his partner moved across the ditch in exchange for a great technical role and a sponsorship. Four years later, yet another headhunt followed, commissioned by our very own Pierre Sullivan.

A born problem-solver like all Innovync recruits, Marco took to the Stone and Glass industries like a duck to water. Proud to be working on technology from his part of the world, he happily leaned into the learning curve, relying on a mixture of experience, logic, and intuition to guide him through new problems.

“Mainly, I rely on my past experience to solve issues. I follow the procedures, but I also tend to think a bit out-of-the-box. I try to think logically and understand where the problem is coming from. Sometimes I see that the advice I get isn’t always right, so I rely on experience to fix the problem. If you want to fix a machine, you need to think about how to do it. There’s always a way to fix things.”

That mindset has earned him a spot as our National Service Manager, where he has plenty of opportunity to test his problem-solving abilities. Dynamically moving across the country, Marco now acts as a bridge between customers, technicians, and suppliers – while doing what he does best.

“I am out on the field mostly. What I do is I schedule jobs for technicians, help customers over the phone, help customers with spare parts, prepare quotes for customers, contact suppliers if there is a problem we can’t fix.”

Trust him with your machinery and you’ll be rewarded with the kind of exceptional intelligence and care that Marco Usellini, our Senior Service Technician brings to the table. Just don’t get the two confused!