Milling Cutters & Routers

TYROLIT offers a wide range of milling cutters, routers and combined tools. The combi tools are used for milling and edging all type of glass on CNC machines.

Choosing TYROLIT tooling gives you the following benefits:

  1. Long Lifetime: Thanks to high quality manufacturing principles and stability of the final product.
  2. Noiseless: These grinding tools produce significantly less noise compared to other tools on the market
  3. Immediate Startup: TYROLIT takes high care to the dressing of the tooling during the production. This leads to an immediate start-up of the tools
  4. High Productivity: High removal and excellent finishing are always granted. This means cycle times are always optimised compared to other tooling.

Popular Products

562985 *Milling Router 5 segments L= 44mm 20mm
520076 *Milling Router 4 segments L= 44mm 20mm
140106 *Milling Router 4 segments L= 44mm 16mm
34012723 *Milling Router 4 segments L= 44mm 10mm
34062708 4mm Trapezoidal Router 14mm
34062709 5mm Trapezoidal Router 14mm
34062710 6mm Trapezoidal Router 14mm
34062721 8mm Trapezoidal Router 14mm
34062722 10mm Trapezoidal Router 14mm
34062752 12mm Trapezoidal Router 14mm
34062793 19mm Trapezoidal Router 14mm

*4 segment routers recommended for Glass Thickness 12mm or more, 6 segments for Glass thickness 10mm or less, 5 segments are universal.

Also available: Pencil Edge Router, Combined Mill & Edge Router, Special sizes for machines (e.g. vertical machines & Forvet)

Technical Parameters

Cutting Speed:              500-1000 mm/min

Rotating Speed:            10,000 – 15,000 RPM

Average Lifetime:         50-100 linear metres for each section used (dependant on thickness, quality and mix of glass processed).