How To Achieve More Efficient Production Using Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

Running a tight ship is the key to successful manufacturing. If you master all the elements, a smooth-sailing operation is almost guaranteed, helping to make your business more reliable, high-performing, and future-proof.

We live to make producers all over Australia and New Zealand more efficient through advanced manufacturing. As such, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share some insight with you. Knowledge is power, as they say. Educate yourself now and learn how to optimise your workflow and grow.

How do you calculate production efficiency?

Capital output vs input is the simple formula that most industry professionals use. But there are other factors to consider, such as:

  • Consumables costs for operating equipment. and
  • Initial training costs for new machinery operaton hires

Advanced manufacturing isn’t like  manufacturing models which began in the Industrial Revolution. There’s more brain power than muscle power involved, which means that working smarter, nor harder, is the way to go.

We have a few ideas on how you can do that. Keep reading and you might discover a few tips that’ll help you streamline your shop!

Useful production line improvements that take you further

The CMS proline can improve production efficiency by up to 33 percent.

Automated machinery has certain benefits that manual models just can’t compete with. All you have to do is read our testimonials to discover how Innovync  clients have grown once they partnered with us. So, how can  you benefit from the similar high-tech assets paired with our innovative mindset?   

Form a “cutting cell” 

This is done when two machines from the same brand are supervised by one operator. With the same software installed on both CNCs, you can easily monitor tasks and make improvements. The benefits are that less time is needed for setup and removal, which is especially advantageous for stone machinery operations.

Invest in automated lifting technology

Pallet lifting systems are ideal for those who want to increase their output. Some of the latest machines from CMS have automated hydraulic pallet lifters, which allow you to pre-load slabs or sheets while the table is in use. Glass machinery really benefits from this function, helping operators get more done in a day, and ensure sheets are prepped for the next cycle.

Transport materials from A to B using the right materials handling solutions

Safely getting materials from A to B requires finesse and care. Rush the task, and you might cause injury or damage to the goods. Take too long, and your daily output drops. The value of using the right materials handling solutions is appreciated by all, the technology doesn’t have to be super high-tech. Our range includes both manual and automated materials handling systems, which are more that capable of catering to your needs. While there’s talk of sophisticated robotics being used, we rarely recommend such models – but if you’re curious to know our thoughts on the matter, click here to read more. 

Customisation is key

What works for one factory might not work for you. In our experience, tailored solutions are what really make a difference, and we’re more than happy to provide them.

Which is why our experts will take the time to listen to your needs and find the right solutions. Sometimes, it’s a matter of implementing the latest technology. Sometimes, your production goals call for tweaking off-the-shelf models, pushing things even further. At other times, all that’s required is to look at the big picture and move things around your factory.

You won’t know what you’re truly capable of until you speak with the experts. Book a meeting with them today and discover ho to become more efficient in your processes; not just for now, but for the future ahead.