Complete range of bridgesaw and CNC machines for cutting natural, engineered stone and ceramics


High performance CNC machines and cutting tables for processing of curved, flat and laminated glass

Advanced Materials

High accuracy 5-axis + CNC machines for composites, carbon fibre, aluminium, light alloys and metal


Numerically-controlled machining centers, beam saws and thermoforming machines for plastics


Hydro-abrasive waterjet cutting system, a proper cutting robot designed for maximum accuracy and longevity

Water filtration

Specialising in water filtering solutions and dust purification for the Stone and Glass industry


Perfectly integrated software, smart solutions, smart maintenance and smart management

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After Sales Service is our DNA, a unified commitment to our customers, achieved together

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The Bondi2Barossa Ride to Remember

The Bondi2Barossa Ride to Remember is a 9 day ride taking place on 17 to 25 March, from Bondi to the Barossa Valley in South Australia. The event will ride over 1,400kms through New South Wales into Victoria and finishing at the Barossa Valley.

The Dementia Research Community through Bondi2Berry Incorporated has a mission to increase understanding of, and help find a cure for dementia.

To date, the Dementia Research Community through the Bondi2Berry charity has organised a whole host of events that increase awareness of dementia, raise money to fund dementia-specific research projects and educate the community about the disease.

Online casinos with small deposits have gained significant popularity in Australia, addressing a universal demand for low-risk and responsible gambling. The appeal lies in the inherent financial flexibility and minimal risk, as players don’t need to commit large sums of money to participate. This arrangement suits casual gamblers who wish to enjoy the thrill of betting without the potential pressure of substantial financial loss.
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Australians value the control small deposit casinos offer, allowing them to manage their spending effectively while still indulging in their favorite pastime. These lower deposits also give players the chance to explore various casinos and games, fostering a more enjoyable and sustainable gaming ecosystem.
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Pierre Sullivan, Managing Director of Innovync and Co–Founder of Bondi2Berry will be riding all 1400km’s from Sydney to the Barossa Valley. Please support this very important cause. We have raised over $1,000,000 dollars since 2016 and have funded four research projects for Dementia. Take action now!

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