Cup Wheels


Vincent (formerly known as TYROLIT) is able to provide sets of metal and resin grinding as well as polishing and cerium oxide cups for flat edge processing of float and laminated glass. This is a set of flat edge grinding diamond wheels, specifically designed to ensure outstanding edge finishing and performance on all glasses, ranging from 3 mm mirror glass to thick glass, or even laminated glass, using always the same tools.

Choosing Vincent tooling gives you the following benefits:

  1. Adaptability to the working surface: The combination of specification and manufacturing care allows a perfect coupling to the glass surface and excellent working performance from the very first processed piece.
  2. Wheels available for all machine models: Vincent grinding and polishing products are available with different attachments and sizes to fit all machines available on the market.
  3. Excellent finishing: The REX polisher – optimized for straight lines is able to provide extraordinary finishing results in all working conditions. Furthermore, when used in combination with Vincent Cerium wheels, the roughness can be reduced to a very similar level as the surface (Ra = 0.05) giving a super bright gloss.
  4. High Productivity: Vincent polishing cups are made with geometries suitable for all types of processing (both on float and laminated glass), and guarantee excellent mechanical strength. The innovative shape of the slots eliminates smudging on thick laminated glasses and allows excellent working continuity on thin float glasses. This results in a considerable increase in productivity.
  5. High performance: Vincent CERIUM cups can be used at very low pressure and high speed and still grant a perfect edge surface quality.

Our range includes wheels for straight line and double edgers, for all manufacturers such as Bottero, Bavelloni, Schiatti, Busetti/Intermac and more. Products are also available for Straight line bevelling machines.

Vincent can offer the following technologies for different positions:

  1. Metal Bond Diamond Wheel
  2. Resin Bond Diamond Wheel
  3. REX Polishing Wheel for Straight Edge
  4. ARRIS/ARRIS 320 Polishing Wheel for Arris (ARRIS 320 for single step arris machines)
  5. CERIUM Polishing Wheel for final polish step

Please contact us with your model details and we can arrange a tooling quote for you.