Core Drills

Vincent (formerly known as TYROLIT) offers optimum solutions for the drilling of holes with perfect edges – even at high drilling speeds, right from the very first hole. The company’s long-standing experience and expertise in the development of diamond tools for drilling applications as well as the use of highly-developed manufacturing technologies ensure the best results.

Choosing Vincent tooling gives you the following benefits:

  1. Excellent start-up: From the first hole you get an excellent edge quality. To speed up the startup, Vincent provides the drills with properly dressed diamond surface.
  2. High feed speed: The diamond drills have been designed for a consistent performance throughout their lifetime: the high edge quality is guaranteed up to 120 mm/min working.
  3. Excellent edge finishing: The diamond drills allow you to achieve excellent quality standards, ensuring a perfect finishing for both surfaces.
  4. Long lifetime: Sintered diamond drills are manufactured using specific bonds to grant an excellent lifetime, that satisfies the highest standards in the market.

Popular Products

34008385Standard Drill L=22mm6mm
34153457Drill with Arris L=22mm6mm
34056834Standard Drill L=22mm10mm
34154602Drill with Arris L=22mm10mm
34067086Standard Drill L=22mm22mm
34154610Drill with Arris L=22mm22mm
34054069Countersink 90°35mm
34054058Countersink 90°65mm

Technical Parameters

Glass TypeThicknessRecommended peripheral speedDrilling rate with waterDrilling rate with coolantCountersink speed
Float3-83 m/sup to 2 mm/sup to 2,5 mm/sup to 0,25 mm/s
Float10-193 m/sup to 1 mm/sup to 1,3 mm/sup to 0,25 mm/s
Laminatedup to 303 m/sup to 1 mm/sup to 1,3 mm/sup to 0,25 mm/s
  ØRPMPeripheral speed (m/s)Max deep speed (mm/s)Max count speed (mm/s)