CMS Karat

Top of the range for the machining of mechanical seats

The karat fixed-bridge 3/4/5-interpolated-axis machining centre is the ideal solution for machining the mechanical seats of rods, rifles, semiautomatic and over-and-under guns where absolute precision is required. karat meets every production need: first the early gunstock machining is carried out, then the action seats are obtained and finally a series of re-processing and lathing operations are repeated, involving the external surfaces. The workpieces processed by CMS technological equipment appear perfect in every detail and ready for the following operations, such as finishing and laser engraving.

  • unmanned machining with automatic loading/unloading
  • high number of tools
  • high-precision and -repeatability manipulator group
  • 2 alternative operating units ensure fast tool changing

CMS’ designed and implemented technologies prove to be the ideal solution for an industry that requires a combination of versatility, accuracy, high rhythms and full process automation, including workpiece loading and unloading facilities.


In gunstock configuration, karat represents the highest expression of productivity and quality. Machining of mechanical seats of rods, rifles, semi-automatic and over-and-under guns. Up to 4 operating units and 2 manipulators working in sync and without compromise; cycle times reduced by up to 53%.

Unmanned machining with automatic loading/unloading blank magazines. Integral cabin enclosure, chips conveyors, suction inlets and blowers. No thing is left to chance: do you want to complement your machining centre with a robot? We can do that.

The manipulator that is now a legend. Precision, repeatability and sturdiness have always characterized the CMS manipulator dedicated to the world of rifles.

High reliability components, integral soundproof cabin, blowers, dedicated suction points, workpiece breakage sensors, cameras and much more. All designed to get the most out of your machining capabilities.