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Single pad vacuum lifter
Capacity: 100 to 3000 kg

Suitable for lifting solid material, not porous, having flat surface: cut-to-size panels, tiles, strips, stairs, small slabs, metal plates, window’s glasses.
Fast and simple handling unit, compact and sturdy constructed, suitable for continuous and heavy-duty use. Ideal under the hook lifting device, perfect complement to lifting equipment.
Equipped with vacuum reservoir, built-on safety devices with acoustic and luminous alarm systems, vacuum gauge.

A big step ahead is our distinctive rubber sealing, flexible, resistant and long-lasting, that allows gripping of any material finishing (raw, polished, honed, flamed, bush-hammered, sandblasted, etc.)



  • manufactured with light alloy materials and galvanized steel, aluminium casting pad – long-life and rustproof;
  • fast and easy replacement of the rubber sealing ring;
  • can be tilted 0° to 90°, to lift and lay down materials both horizontally and vertically (upright);
  • pivoting axis close to the pad to facilitate the vertical positioning;
  • adjustable inclination of the manoeuvring handle;
  • detachable and rechargeable vacuum leakage alarm with buzzer and warning lights activated by a vacuum switch, apart battery charger;
  • one-direction valves to allow vacuum keeping also in case of pipe cuts/vacuum loss;
  • ON/OFF sliding valve with locking device against accidental releasing;
  • in compliance with the CE Machine Directive to conform the EU standards for CE marking.

Feeding options:

The vacuum is generated by an electric pump or by means of a compressed air vacuum generator (Venturi pipe). The unit usually consists of: electric vacuum pump + connecting pipe + vacuum suction pad. The vacuum pump is to be placed nearby the working place. For special application can be supplied pumps with single-phase, DC electric motors (to be installed on forklift and hydraulic crane), internal combustion ones.

M suction pads configuration

You can also download the Abstract of implementing instructions