Brand new Stone technology, direct from Marmomac

This year at Marmomac, our partners unveiled four new game-changers for the Stone industry. Check them out below.

From CMS

CMS brought out three new machines this year, covering a spectrum of manufacturing needs. Here’s a breakdown of the new Electa, Kartesia, and Kratos.

CMS Brembana Electa

Powerful, ultra-compact Stone benchtop processing

A 3 / 4 axis machining centre combining big impact with a small footprint, the Electa is perfect for modern Australian Stone factories. With a brand new cross-laser positioning system, side tool changer, and an updated CNC interface, the Electa takes productivity to the next level.
Key benefits:
– Total footprint 6.1m x 3m
– Working area of 3.5m by 1.75m – maximum piece size 3300mm x 1650mm
– Side tool changes with up to 26 positions
– New cross-laser system for precise positioning

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CMS Brembana Kratos

A highly customisable, open-frame 5 axis bridge saw

Upgraded for extra lean production, the Kratos is an ultra-customisable, open-frame bridge saw that excels both on its own, or as part of a production line.

Key benefits:

– Supports blade diameters of anywhere from 300-800mm

– Open-frame, mid-size construction

– Extra side spindle offers the ability to use 3 tools at any time

– Advanced on-board software – the latest from CMS

– Ultra-durable non-slip carpet underlay

– Exceptional vacuum manipulator for fragile slab handling

– New CNC interface incorporating a long list of macros

– Easy integration into automated line

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CMS Brembana Kartesia

3 / 4 axis machining centre with sophisticated suction cup positioning

Last year, the Kartesia made it to the CMS stand as a concept. This year, it’s here for good.

This 3 / 4 axis machining centre boasts an innovative new suction cup positioning system, increasing productivity by up to 28%. Paired with fully automated worktable tooling, this machine almost runs by itself.

Key benefits:

– Fully automatic cycle, everything is programmed ahead of time to ensure fast changeover 

– up to 50 tools available by automatic tool changer for super versatile machining

– Fine-tuned control and automated suction cup placement

– 71% less human intervention thanks to fully automated suction cup & reference positioning

–  Compact footprint, with an ergonomic design

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From Marmoelettromeccanica

Take Stone polishing to the next level

Glossforce 3.0

Gloosforce 3.0 by Marmoelettromeccanica is a groundbreaking innovation. Engineered to create the smoothest possible surface, this multi-layer technology minimises warping through the use of a composite middle layer, bonded to the tool’s metal core.

Key benefits:

– 3 layer construction to prevent warping

– 3mm diamond layer for extra-long-life – up to 650% greater than standard market model

– Available for all profiles with tooling diameters from 20 to 60mm.

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