Client Story:


“We do everything with glass – the glass is getting imported, from Viridian, and then we process it. We do partitioning glass, splash backs, double glazing, cut-outs, everything.”

Ash Hejry
Production Manager at Solos Glass

Ash Hejry, Solos Glass Production Manager, knows a thing or two about high volume, high end glass production. Having worked in the business for over 8 years, he’s seen the fabricator grow and morph into different fields – just as he has. First entering the scene as a Production Planner back when the company was known as Flat Glass, his activities now include assessing safety, supervising, and making sure the production flow is constantly churning out quality products for a rich variety of sectors.

“We do everything with glass – the glass is getting imported, from Viridian, and then we process it. We do partitioning glass, splash backs, double glazing, cut-outs, everything.”

The change in Solos’ name and in Ash’s position came three years earlier, when MHG Group acquired Flat Glass, and used its established production setup for Ford and Holden windshields. At that time, Solos’ focus was on inset windows and glass fabrication for which edge quality was lower down the priority list.

“They started doing more heavyweight glass, staircase glass and shower screen glass; but obviously we didn’t have the right machinery before we went in that direction. In the old days, this business was more window-based. The edges were going inside the frame, and the edges weren’t exposed. The market changed in the last three years and now we’re doing 15mm glass, 19mm glass, where edges are exposed and the quality needs to be perfect.”

The change in tack generated a need for machinery – which was satisfied when the Cms Profile Vertical CNC entered their factory floor, installed by yours truly. The Cms name caused a stir within the factory when it arrived – and lives up to its standards to this day.

“If I talk about Cms, obviously, the edge quality is perfect. The quality of the glass is perfect.”

The Profile Vertical has been a sturdy staple in Solos’ operations; running tirelessly from 7am-10pm every day. It does almost all glass processing aspects needed within the factory; producing excellent results, with reliability and consistency.

“We do polishing, drilling the holes, hinge cutouts, small cutouts on the machine,” Ash says.

Best of all, his interactions with our Managing Director, Pierre, and expert technician, Marco, have been fantastic. With careful guidance, the ideal support and care regime to keep Solos’ Cms star going has been thoughtfully crafted, keeping it’s lean operations strong to this day.

“To be honest, in all the years I’ve been working here, it’s only happened once that I’ve had to wait for spare parts to come from Italy,” reflects Ash.

Our founder’s careful foresight has also meant the machine receives quality attention on a regular basis. While Cms recommends performing maintenance at every 2000 hours, under Pierre’s recommendation, Solos’ glass powerhouse is checked every 1000 hours to ensure it can keep producing at its peak.

“In general, the contract is that every 2000 hours is free maintenance. The decision Pierre and I made was to do maintenance every 1000 hours. To be honest, the machine is not stopping. We’re using the Profile Vertical every day; from 7am to 10pm. Pierre recommended we do 1000 hour maintenance to keep the machine in best condition.”

The result? A blend of quality technology and expert service that has empowered Solos to produce excellent glass parts, every time. With weekly cleaning done by their in-house technician, as directed by Marco, the fastidious care serves Solos very, very well.

It wouldn’t be quite the same without Innovync’s signature blend of superb Glass machinery and dedicated after-sales service. We’re thrilled to be able to keep this Australian manufacturer continuing to run from dawn til dusk, producing premium glass to grace the nation’s buildings with strength, beauty, and light.