CMS Avant Caravan

Solutions for the production of side walls, floors and roofs of camper vans and caravans

Avant caravan has always been at the companies’ service in the recreational vehicle industry to ensure maximum productivity and reliability. Since the 80’s it represents the best solution for the production not only of side walls, floors and roofs of camper vans, caravans and motorhomes, but also of panels for refrigerated trucks. Various types of single, double, 3-, 4- and 5-axis operating units, drilling units and tailor-made solutions meets the needs of all customers and manufacturing processes.

Now also available in avant caravan GT version to machine panels as wide as 3500 mm.


With over 100 machining centers installed and operating worldwide, avant caravan is the benchmark for the caravan/camper van sector, and not only. Successful applications also in the refrigerated truck industry, for customers seeking automation, productivity and maximum reliability.  

The matrix worktable that characterizes the avant caravan solution allows to reduce the set-up time of the clamping system to zero. Each suction cup can be independently locked/unlocked, which makes it possible to clamp all types of customer’s panels. Now with +225% more suction cups.

Over the years, CMS has designed and constructed several operating units which can also be used in coupled mode in order to reduce the manufacturing time of many machining operations by 53%. 3-, 4- and 5-axis heads and a new floating operating unit to carry out recesses, avoiding the use of expensive aggregates requiring continuous maintenance.

Avant caravan enables machining panels over 13 metres in length. Thanks to the new avant caravan GT we can now also machine in 5-axis mode panels wider than 3,500 mm, all with a fully automated through-feed solution.