Mobile bridge machining center with 3, 4 or 5 interpolated axes

Machining centre with 3, 4 or 5 interpolated axes specifically designed for high speed work on large panels or long and narrow pieces made of composite materials, aluminium and sandwich of different materials.

The structures and motion systems (with high precision guides and racks) grant great operation power, geometrical accuracy and reliability for high-speed machining, even in case of heavy-duty work.


The advanced design of the structure, a result of CMS’ research centre, and the technical solutions adopted, such as roller recirculation and gantry motorization, guarantee rigidity and precision over time so that the high finish and accuracy of the workpieces remains a constant feature of your production over the years.

MBB can be equipped with single or multiple operating units, with 3 or 5 axes and power up to 32 kW to ensure maximum efficiency in every production reality.

All the electrospindles are fully designed and constructed within the group and are the result of 30 years of experience and ongoing innovation.  The wide range allows our Customers to always choose the electrospindle that provides the ideal torque, power and speed for their own machining requirements, thus enhancing the productivity of their machining centre.
Dedicated units are available for special applications, such as the processing of stacked aluminium foils or for laser marking of finished workpieces.

Each production has specific needs that require specific solutions. The MBB series worktable offers the opportunity to be configured and customized in over 20 different types to cover all production requirements. Indeed, the worktables may have the following configurations: fixed, suction, suction cup, built-in rollers or mechanical clamping systems.

The MBB series can be configured for complete integration in unmanned production lines where all working phases, from panel loading, to alignment, to clamping, take place in fully automatic mode. This is made possible not only by the adoption of the most advanced technologies but also by the extreme reliability of the machining centre, which becomes a crucial element in advanced production systems.

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