CMS Conecpt

High speed 5-axis machining center

Numerically controlled machining centre designed according to CMS’ philosophy: the machine is the result and culmination of experiences developed in the aerospace and marine sectors.
The structure and the technical solutions adopted, along with the selected components, ensure a highest level of component finish, high machining speeds, reliability, structural rigidity, operating flexibility and outstanding productivity.

concept machine is available also with:

  • APC extractable tables allow the loading and unloading outside the working area
  • rotary table (TR): simplifies loading/unloading outside the machine and allows pendulum cycle using the complete working area
  • double bridge with twin operating units
  • 5-axis hybrid solution: milling + waterjet cutting system with catcher
  • fully automatic universal system for holding complex shaped parts (UHF), designed and produced by CMS


Concept does away with the problem of workpiece sizes; even in the nautical, wind power and automotive sectors. Above all, thanks to the aeronautical design concepts applied to the frames, CMS has made no compromises on performance with volumetric accuracies 23% lower than the segment average.

High operating power, geometric precision and reliability even in the most complex machining operations lead to a single result: producing better workpieces more quickly. Concept has been designed to adapt to your manufacturing reality and make it even more efficient and competitive.

Single or double operating unit, single or double working area, 5-axis milling unit from 12 to 32 kW, 5-axis units with waterjet technology, over 100 dimensions, extractable or rotary tables: undeniably the most efficient configuration for every production reality. No compromises!

As a rule, the problem of fixing complex workpieces is solved by means of dedicated equipment for each single workpiece; therefore, the solution is expensive both in terms of realization and logistics (storage and handling) but above all it is not efficient for productions with single lots or very small batches as it often occurs in aerospace. CMS has developed a universal and automatic clamping system, capable of reconfiguring itself in a few seconds to adapt to the (sometimes) extremely complex shapes of each new workpiece. Zero downtime: a revolution in the effeciency and management of production.

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