Semi-automatic filter-press

This machine represents the basic version of Italmecc’s filter presses. The structure is made of thick painted steel, solid and compact in size. The installed diaphragm pump has been designed to treat abrasive sludge. The opening and closing of the filtering pack using the installed hydraulic piston is done manually. The filtration cycle, therefore, is partially managed by the operator.

The filter-press separates the solids from liquids, the slurry is pumped into the filter press plates, being dewatered under pressure.

The filter-press is a smarter alternative to the use of inconvenient Big Bag filters by reducing the volume of mud and the number of bags stored, the sludge is therefore immediately ready for disposal.


  • Works not only for the stone industry, but also with all precast, ready-mix and concrete grinding & cutting operations
  • Recycle truck wash out waters
  • Cleaning settling tanks
  • Recycle aggregate wash waters
  • Capture & treat surface runoff waters
  • Recycle site waste waters for reuse
  • Integrates with any existing clarifier, slurry tank and/or pit
  • System can include a variety of options, tanks for slurry and storage

Technical Data