Booster pumps with inverter technology

The ITALMECC WATERBOOST smart delivery pump group represents the State-of-the-art technology for delivering water in a smart and controlled mode. ITALMECC is a trusted expert in customized projects for pumps (lifting, sump, deliver). Offering a wide range of pump types and capacities to suit specific applications requiring trouble-free and economical pumping systems. A know how experience of 35 years. ITALMECC pumping groups are equipped of the BluStop. The BluStop is a special system studied and developed in ITALMECC that automatically stops the pumps when they are in absence of water. Thanks to this invention, there is no way to burn the seals.

Booster units with inverter technology


  • No maintenance required.
  • The inverter constantly modulates the flow and pressure of water required.
  • Interactive touch screen with Live events.
  • The BluStop blocks the pumps in the absence of water, avoids burning seals.
  • Is not attacked by bacterial overgrowth, electroconductivity from well water, acids.
  • The control dynamics have been developed from ITALMECC in a constant optimization.
  • Tailormade performances in relation to your workshop conditions.
  • Stable performance in terms of Litres/min.
  • Smart system realized in collaboration with Schneider engineers.
  • From 250 to 1.200 Litres/min.

Technical Data