The lamellar plates are used in industrial waste water processing to separate the solids from liquids. Thanks to advanced technology, the solids can be separated faster and easier with the lamella separator.

This system allows a considerable reduction in size compared to a traditional silo.

Lamellar water clarifier Blucomb in its variations: hot galvanized, Polystone™, and hot galvanized with additional external painting, is able to treat high quantity of water maintaining reduced dimensions, allowing the installation in laboratories with limited available space, especially in height.

Lamellar packs self-cleaning system (optional) guarantees a perfect depuration efficiency and, at the same time, it keeps the clarifier cleaner.


  • Acceleration of the sedimentation and disintegration processes, especially when working with engineered stone
  • Space saving and cost reduction
  • Increased flow rate and efficiency of the filtration system for the benefit of compact dimensions
  • Drastic reduction of engineered stone foam in the dirty water collection pit
  • System performance to serve from 250 to 900 l / min
  • AIRJET (Optional)
    Automatic self-cleaning system of lamellar packs to guarantee perfect and efficient functioning of the system (it cannot be clogged). You can save up to 6 hours of cleaning time, easily program the cleaning cycle time that suits you best and thus safeguard the lamellar packs by reducing the risk of obstruction.
  • BLUFLOC (optional)
    Fully automatic flocculant preparation and dosing station integrated in the monobloc. Can come in Semiautomatic or Automatic versions. Also available for coagulant dosing.
  • ECOPRESS 300 (optional)
    Automatic Filter-Press to process the wet sludge into dried bricks. Useful for large volumes of sludge. The process is integrated in the monobloc version. Can come with Automated Water Spray System to clean filter-press plates + hydraulic circuit.

Technical Data