Flocculent and Coagulant Dosing Station

Flocculant and Coagulant Dosing systems are key components to complete the perfect treatment of wastewater, it performs the function of speeding up and improving the clarification quality of wastewaters.

Clariflocculation is a chemical-physical treatment applied to the turbid waters to be treated. It mainly consists of injecting a chemical solution into the wastewater circuit which is loaded into the clarifier.

Polyamine (or coagulant) is needed when the smallest suspended solids (micro particles) tend to escape the flocculation process. It performs the function of optimizing the clarification quality of turbid waters such as synthetic marbles or glass.
The flocculant formula and the use of polyamine is chosen according to the composition of wastewater to be treated by carrying out a laboratory jar-test at ITALMECC headquarters.

These processes destabilizes the free suspended particles, agglomerating first into microflakes (coagulant) and then into flakes (flocculant). By gaining wait, these precipitate faster to the bottom of the clarifier, letting the clean water rise to the top of the clarifier.

The stations consists of a dosing pump installed on a graduated tank, complete with bottom filter, motor mixer and suction + delivery valves with an injector.


This upgraded flocculent dosing station is fully automatic and is composed by two tanks (500L total):

The first is for flocculant preparation and maturation: it automatically fills with fresh water and the flocculent is dosage from the hopper through an auger, to properly mix it.

Once the time necessary for chemical maturation has elapsed, the pump automatically transfers the solution from tank 1 (preparation and maturation) to tank 2 (solution dosing tank).

From tank 2, the solution is injected into the dirty water lifting pipe by means of a metering pump.

It is made completely from stainless steel with special treatment of welds for the highest quality.


  • The Flocculent (or Poly-electrolyte) strongly increases the depuration performance of the system. Coagulant accelerates the sedimentation especially with engineered stone.
  • Agitator to keep the solution properly mixed
  • High precision membrane dosing pump
  • Connection to the water treatment main control box
  • Vortex to speed up mixing process

Technical Data