Edencraft’s Success Story (CMS Poseidon)

Edencraft is an Australian boating company with a legacy that spans more than six decades. Initially starting off in the powerboat and racing category, their creations have always been in demand – which made Edencraft a coveted buy for those in the know.

“Edecraft has been around for 35 years in Australia. 8 years ago, my dad saw an opportunity with this incredible boat that had remained largely unknown unless you’re deeply involved in the industry. He had tried to buy Edencraft earlier, but the timing wasn’t right. Edencraft has always been an exceptional boat. For those in the know, especially in fishing, when comparing boats of similar size, you’ll find that Edencraft’s perform exceptionally well offshore, every time. Historically, the company had an old-style finish on its boats, so we aimed to modernise this aspect. Our goal was to create boats that last a lifetime, replacing timber with composites. In everything we build now, we strive to incorporate a ‘wow’ factor and go the extra mile for our customers,” says Josie Maher, General Manager of Edencraft International and its subsidiaries.

When Mr Maher bought Edencraft International in May 2016, the boats were built using a mixture of outsourced manufacturing and handiwork. The process was slow, with less than ideal accuracy. An R&D department was launched within the company in 2021, looking into ways to improve the process. The research all pointed to the acquisition of an in-house CNC machine.

CMS’ Poseidon, the largest high-speed 5 axis CNC milling machine now in Australia, made the cut.

“It’s been about 2-3 years since we had an R&D department and decided to get a CNC machine. We worked with the Government to support getting the machine and employ the number of people we were going to employ,”  says the GM.

They began with only two employees, working for Edencraft International. Josie worked on the management side, while her husband began a boat-building apprenticeship to understand the ins and outs of the craft. Within just a few years, that number has grown to 40. The secret?

A great internal culture that focuses on in-house promotions, learning new skill sets, creating the best customer experience, and setting the bar high for quality. As General Manager, Josie oversees it all. She was glad to find that working with the machine was a smooth process, allowing the team to put it to use straight away.

“We started cutting our first plug on the 1st of November 2023. First we did our new boat, which is our 255 Formula – 55 plugs and molds, about 200 sq metres of milling. We’ve also just finished doing a pool, which was 10m x 3.5 metres and 80 square metres of milling. It was massive. We just completed two other parts for another boat-builder in Australia,” says Josie.

The Poseidon with its huge working area can machine full boats in one go.

With a working area of 15.5m x 5m x 3m, the Poseidon is perfect for large mold manufacturing. It was a strategic investment for the company, which led to the opening of a dedicated subsidiary, Edencraft Creative. Through this division, local producers are able to take advantage of the machine’s capabilities. Orders have already come in, with demand expected to further increase as news of the massive productivity boost spreads across the industry.

“We would outsource 5 axis milling, and just get the foam outsourced then do the rest of it in-house by hand. So the 55 plugs that we did in three months, If we were to do that the way we were doing it before, it would take over 12 months, and the quality wouldn’t be the same. Things used to be done using timber and by hand – that took even longer and was less perfect. The machine’s really broken down the time barrier for new innovations and new boats to bring them to market.”

Edencrafts Latest Creation – The 255 Formula

The 255 Formula is Edencraft International’s latest boat, brought out on the 1st of March 2024. It follows the company’s tradition of boating excellence, using updated materials for added longevity and safety. Fibreglass and Thermolite are the main composites used in the 255’s design. Fibreglass cloth, panels, and resin form a sturdy structure, while Thermolite, a lightweight composite, is used for transoms. Under the hull, the vessels are foam-filled, giving them positive buoyancy; which in turn makes them extremely safe on the water, enhancing performance.

While the Poseidon’s ability to machine these materials was an important part of Edencraft’s decision-making process, Josie and her team knew that their choice of service provider was critical. After narrowing their shortlist down, they made a strategic decision that payed off well.

“The main reason we went with the Poseidon was because of Innovync and the service. Buying the machine from Innovync here, we knew that we would be working with someone who could support us locally. Pierre and the team were great, especially when we went over to Italy to sign off the machine. We felt very valued when we were there.”

As always, our care and support was present from the very beginning.

“We just like the way they interacted with us during their quoting and the sales process. We had a few Zooms, once we narrowed it down to a few suppliers, Innovync got CMS and us on a Zoom, and everyone was there at once. We felt more valued than we did elsewhere. They really helped us understand the Government grant process – we had to jump through a few hoops before we could get the grant. Innovync didn’t get frustrated and supported us through it. Innovync built a good foundation.”

Expect the same level of care and attentiveness at your next meeting, whether it’s on Zoom or elsewhere. That’s what service excellence is all about.