Roberto Colonetti Testimonial

Roberto Colonetti is a name that commands respect – especially in the Porcelain and Ceramics space. Respect that has been earned over two decades worth of innovation and quality craftsmanship.

Leaving Bergamo – which happens to be where CMS machines are made – Roberto took the art and craft of Stone sculpture with him, settling in Perth. There, he partnered with the very innovative European Ceramics, who became our clients in 2010 – and have been CMS clients since 2012. As the company’s Porcelain Artist, Roberto uses his inherent creativity and technical expertise to push the limits on difficult-to-handle materials, with full support from the firm’s decision-makers.

“I would like to thank David Serra for giving me the opportunity and freedom to express who I am. Together, we built one of the best companies in this sector and we keep moving forward; investing resources, developing new systems and investing in new equipment every year,” he says.

Freedom, to an artist, is like carbon dioxide to trees. The more you give, the more they thrive. Roberto is a prime example – and he gives as good as he gets. Findings from creative experimentation inform European Ceramics’ innovative product line and methodologies. They also become part of the Porcelain Artists’ workshops, empowering stonemasons all over the world to make the most out of their materials.

“To get the best out of a material, first of all, you need to understand the material and its limits, then learn all the possible techniques from people who already work the product in other fields. I attended many courses to understand what techniques other people used. Obviously, years ago there were very few of us, both who believed in the expansion of this product and who invested time in researching and developing the best techniques for working with it. Which certainly hasn’t been easy, if we compare to how much technical stuff is out there now.”

Having been in the industry for over two decades, Roberto has seen it all. The biggest changes, he says, come less from the materials and more from the tools and techniques used to cut them.

“As far as the evolution of ceramic cutting machines is concerned, the level reached is now really high. CMS is one of the companies that has certainly reached an impressive level of quality and technology. For the waterjet sector, I consider it one of the best machines on the market – if not the best.”

Long hours spent working with the CMS Idroline – the very first CMS waterjet installed in Australia – has built up Roberto’s experience. Using this versatile machine, the Porcelain Artist and his team cut large-format tiles, benchtops, and custom jobs: often applying techniques previously thought impossible.

“A simple example, years ago to have 45 degrees on many long strips, we struggled to achieve perfection (I have always sought absolute perfection in all machines). Now, I can say that CMS has achieved the perfection I was looking for in our sector, allowing us to cut 3-metre strips with an error of less than 0.50mm, which was unthinkable until 5 or 6 years ago. Another strong point of CMS is certainly the software part, easy and intuitive.”

Like all CMS machines, the Idroline comes equipped with proprietary software, featuring an in-built materials library. The software also allows for fine-tuned control over pressure, speed, and garnet flow. For even greater creative and technical excellence, 

European Ceramics pairs the in-built programs with DDX solutions – namely, the Easystone suite. There’s a good reason why.

“I believe that DDX is one of the few companies that listens a lot to the feedback of those who work on the machines to develop or improve the software as much as possible,” says Roberto.

“As for machines, my favorites are the waterjet and our CNC. For the waterjet, as written above, the evolution made is very high but what I like most about this machine is the possibility of cutting not only ceramics but also iron, glass, natural stone, plastic materials and much more. As far as the CNC is concerned, our Maxima is a real 5 axis with a Z stroke of 1 meter, this allows us to do architectural works from stone blocks. Obviously, the 5-axis world is a world where a lot of time must be invested to understand how to set up the processes.”

In any manufacturing job, efficiency and quality are key. Achieving both requires a level of skill and technical understanding from the operator – plus some creative thinking. But like with any tool, the best results come from using the right piece of equipment from the start.

“Many buy oversized machines for the use they will need and then find themselves in difficulty during complicated processes where knowledge of the software is the key. My personal advice is to rely on experts like Innovync to choose and understand which machine is right for your business.”

We are always happy to help!

Ever practical, Roberto makes sure that he’s well equipped to create works of art. Achieving the exceptional results that he does requires plenty of trial and error – which can take its toll on equipment. The solution?

“I always recommend having supplies in-house for consumable parts, such as gaskets, nozzles, and orifices.”

We are on standby to provide them. From the very beginning, our facilities have been home to a range of spare parts, cutting out important delays. This was crucial for European Ceramics during the COVID years – and the firm continues to rely on us to support them in their day-to-day operations.

“I started my collaboration with Innovync about 5 years ago. I must say, I am very happy with the service they offer. Being Italian and using Italian machines, I am very demanding. We keep our machines as per the manual and for all the spare parts, Innovync has taken a step forward compared to the old management of CMS in Australia, where the spare parts arrived from Italy with significant delays. Now, most of the spare parts are available in 1/2 days max, which is super important for those who use the machines to avoid long downtimes. As for the technicians, I couldn’t be more happy. Most of them are Italian. As a result, they know the machines inside out and are always up-to-date on any updates on the machines. I would recommend Innovync to anyone looking for machines with a high standard.”

Like attracts like, as the saying goes. We’re thrilled to have the seal of approval from one of the world’s greatest Stone artists – and can’t wait to see his next groundbreaking creation. Make sure you’re signed up to our mailing list for updates!