“By the time I’ve implemented everything that I want to implement, the combination of the saw and CNC will have made us twice as efficient.”

Cameron Bishop
Distinctive Stone

“It’s doubled our turnover,” he said. “It’s allowed us to take on more work and do larger projects. Errors have been minimised, and are easier to prevent.”

George Nohra
Feature Stone Pty. Ltd.

“The Increase in productivity with CMS machines compared to other machines is really good. The programming and software and the way that the machines cut and do their thing is pretty advanced in the stone world, we’ve probably tripled or quadrupled in size over the past three years, going from 3 or 4 jobs a day to about 12 jobs a day.”

Jay McMillan
CO-Founder Northcoast

“We do everything with glass – the glass is getting imported, from Viridian, and then we process it. We do partitioning glass, splash backs, double glazing, cut-outs, everything.”

Ash Hejry
Production Manager
Solos Glass

“If we kept going the same medieval way, we would’ve gone out of business. We’ve been around 41 years, but to survive you have to stay ahead of the pack and this machine has seen us do that.”

Gerry Barone
Founder and Director
Gerry’s Glass

It got to the point that when we had the machine installed the guys were here all weekend – Saturday and Sunday. We just gave them the keys to the factory and they stayed there until it was done.”

John Bryant
Utick Pty. Ltd.

“We basically sell to a lot of businesses that would use CNC technology,” said Nover’s managing director, Steve Cowley.

Steve Cowley
Managing Director
Nover & Co.

“We’ve doubled our output – that’s why we decided to buy a second machine within the first six months. You can’t get a much better endorsement than that.”

Kevin Edwards
Manufacturing Operations Manager
Avida RV

“When you call Innovync for after-sales service, you speak to someone senior within an hour and they make the effort – not excuses – to ensure your needs are met.”

John Toms
About Kitchens

“Pierre has great ethics, he’s honest, and he’s got a great way of running the business, which is why I like working with him.”

Daniel Zovko
Pacific Stone Director

“There’s never really been a problem – I’ve rung Innovync and within half an hour, the problem’s been sorted. Within virtually the day, it’s been rectified. I’ve never been ringing to scream at them to fix the problem, it’s always been sorted. Service has been fantastic.”

Andrew Donati

Terrazzo Stone, Director

What our customers have to say is really important to us